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3 Game-Changing Pieces of Technology


When it comes to technology, we are constantly looking for better and easier ways to improve performance at work, during sporting activities and in our spare time. We have three examples of ways new technology is being created to improve performance, read our blog to find out what they are.

Electric Cars Could Say Goodbye To Wires In 2017


Advancing technology in cars has been a hot topic of late and it doesn’t look like it’s going to die down any time soon. We spoke recently about the in-car technology that Google and Apple are turning their attention too, but it is cars in general that are dominating the headlines; more specifically, electric cars. According to Anthony Thompson, VP of Development and Marketing for Electric Vehicles at Qualcomm, we can expect to see the first wireless charging cars by the end of 2017. For more information, read our latest blog.....

Technology Influences Influx of New Words


This week, the online Oxford Dictionary has released its latest intake of words and there has been a huge influence from social media and the internet. Any new words, phrases or senses are always added to the website once the editors are happy with the information they have gathered from independent evidence and are sure that these additions will be widespread.  For a selection of those added recently plus their meanings, see our latest blog.....

Google Invests In New Glasses


As we all know, Google has been busy at work trying to perfect Google Glass but the internet super-giant is now turning its attention to other types of glasses.  Google has recently awarded a group of UK-based technology projects with large sums of money to help them develop their projects in order to change the world. Read our latest blog to find out more...

What Is Cortana And When Is It Here?


For iPhone owners that use Siri every day and those that are familiar with Google Now, this news might not be all that exciting, but for Microsoft fans, Cortana could be the next big thing.  Cortana is Microsoft’s answer to hands free, voice operated personal assistants and helps Microsoft owners to find relevant information from the internet and also carry out tasks including informing you of any reminders you’ve set or any alarms you have pending.  For more information on when we can expect it in the UK, read our latedt blog.....

The Best Apps To Download This Summer


When it comes to the summer months, we will spend less time sitting indoors and more time outside taking selfies on holiday to make our friends and relatives jealous.  But, as well as taking selfies, it is also fun to kill some time on a sunbed too, so head over to our latest blog for some info on apps you should download for over the summer months.

Google And Apple Get Things Rolling


The technology giants are at it again, this time both showing an interest in in-car technology.  Google has, this week, proven exactly why it is serious about moving its technology into cars by adding a new recruit to their ranks. Former CEO, Alan Mulally, has been added to Google’s board of directors which means he brings a wealth of experience to the company and can help them make the necessary steps into the car market. Find out more in this week's blog...

AI Could Match Human Intelligence In Next 30 Years


As you’re probably already fully-aware, we’re big fans of all things digital but in the next 30 years we could be relying on technology a lot more than we do today.  According to Murray Shanahan, professor of cognitive robots at Imperial College London, there is a “good chance that we can see AI matching human intelligence within the next thirty years”.  For more about this read our latest blog....

Wimbledon Turns Digital With Twitter


It’s that time of the year again when we can watch the world’s best tennis players appear at Wimbledon, one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments.  Unfortunately, the defending champion, Andy Murray is already out of the tournament after getting knocked out earlier in the week. Although this isn’t the only major talking point of the tournament, in fact, this year is set to be the most social Wimbledon ever.  Find out more in our latest blog...

Google Glass Is Here - And We Have It!


If you’ve been one of those people patiently waiting for Google Glass to come to the UK, then we have some good news and some bad news for you. The good news is it’s here.  You can now get your hands (and ears and nose) on Google Glass, although it’s not as easy as popping to the shop to buy it – it’s much more complicated. Find out more in our latest blog.....

Facebook Tries To Conquer Snapchat


Facebook has showed its intention to conquer the social world again by launching a photo-messaging app. Just one week after accidently releasing the app on Apple’s App Store, it has now been officially launched in hope of becoming the next big thing in photo-sharing.  Read more in this week's blog....

Gear Your Phone Up For The World Cup


Like it or not, the next month or so will be full of World Cup Facebook updates, office agendas including whose team is doing well in the sweepstake and a serious lack of cars on the roads in the evenings.  Yesterday started the biggest competition in the whole of football, the World Cup in Brazil. If you find yourself getting into the spirit much to your own dislike, you can join in the discussions and keep up-to-date with what’s going on through a selection of World Cup apps.  Read our blog to find out more....

5 Best Free Android Games


If you’re one of those people who gets fed up of hearing, “I’ve got an app for that”, now is your chance to shine as we go through the 5 best free android games available to download now.  The ‘free-to-play’ market has seen a drop over recent months due to a lot of gamers getting fed up with the in-app purchases but the world of mobile gaming is far from over, as these five games will prove. To find out which they are read our blog....

5 Things To Know About Apple Buying Beats


It emerged this week that Apple have finally put an end to all the rumours,  capping off a month-long debate by purchasing Beats.  Apple made the purchase official yesterday with sources claiming the deal has cost around £1.79 billion, which means a very big payday indeed for Dr.Dre and Jimmy Lovine.  Find out more in our blog:

Its Wristy Business


We’re not one to shy away from the wearable battle.  We’re back in the hunt to find the best wearable and Microsoft might be seeking their moment to strike. After surrendering the smartphone race with just 5% market share in both the US and Western Europe, Microsoft could look to wearable’s as their future foothold in consumer tech.  Read our blog to find out what they're up to....

Your Smartphone Could Get Even Smarter


At the moment, your phone knows where you are and the direction you’re facing, but it could soon know about context.  This means that not only will your smartphone know where you are, but it will also know what you’re doing, who you are with and what you are likely to do next. There’s a name for this too; contextual computing.  For more information, read our blog.....

Could It Be The End For Tablets?


Just as we get an influx of tablets from all of the biggest names in technology including Google, Samsung and Apple, there is news surrounding a possible demise of the tablet.  The reason this news has surfaced is because Apple, the company that has dominated the tablet market for a while now, is now selling much fewer iPads, which could mean they may be making a six-inch phablet. This has therefore led to exaggerations that tablets are dead – far from the truth.  Find out more in our blog.....

What To Expect From Google IO 2014


Google has already had a very busy 2014 but the search engine giant has had an equally productive last 12 months, snapping up several companies.  Google has also unveiled a whole host of products over the last 12 months and has dropped subtle hints at tons more. So, it’s only fair that we look at some of the rumours for the Google IO Keynote that is scheduled to kick off on June 25.  Read our blog for more information....

Apps You'll Install And Never Use Again


It’s no secret that we love apps! We live and breathe them. But, we’re not alone; you love them too.  If you have a tablet or smartphone you will have a whole host of apps that you will rely on for even the most basic of functions, including an alarm for the morning or for your favourite social media platform so you can keep up with what your friends are eating for breakfast.  However, head over to our blog to read about those that you find a little less than useful.

How to wireframe App concepts like a Pro


We're often asked how we go about taking an initial idea and ultimately making this into an App. In most cases the brief is more around a concept and the required functionality. We believe that no matter how complex an App's functionality is, the App should be simple to use. In the early stages of App development it's not often possible to write a detailed specification together for clients. This is especially true if the App hasn't been fully defined! What we've found is that a good first stage is to think about the different screens an App will contain. We then put together some simple wireframes of all these screens and how these link together. These wireframes are a great way to get across an App's functionality without the actual look and feel becoming a distraction.

Take a look at our blog and we'll show you how we put together wireframes and how you can too.

Up, Up And Away


Amazon and Google are not only trying to pave the way for our future technology when it comes to mobile devices, they are also introducing other technologies of the future.  Drones, which once used to be a figment of our imagination and science fiction, are now getting closer to reality in the public domain.  Read more in our latest blog:

Live An 'Appy Life


Over recent weeks we have taken a look at what’s coming in the future of the tech world but this week we’re going to look at what we can use right now; apps.  Apps have revolutionised the way we go about our day-to-day lives. The term ‘I’ve got an app for that’ was coined by iPhone users but now there are quality apps for all sorts of mobile devices, so we can all enjoy the ‘appy life.  For more information on some of the Apps we've chosen to mention, head over to our blog:

What Can We Expect From iOS 8?


Apple’s iOS 7 software has only recently been launched but like every good technology geek, we’re itching to know what’s in store for iOS 8.  Well, we have some good news, some rumours have surfaced about what might be included in Apple’s newest software.  Enough information has been dropped over recent weeks for us to get some sort of idea what we can expect. To find out more - head over to our blog....

Apple And Microsoft Collide....And It's Brilliant


We’re often found blogging about all sorts here at Appware, from the latest in technology through to the continual battles involving the big names in the gadget world, and this news covers both bases.  Microsoft have taken a step that many gadget-lovers have been waiting for, arguably since the first release of Apple’s iPad in 2010 – the introduction of their Office suite onto the iPad. This is pretty big news and a move that could benefit both parties. For more information read our blog...

More Wearable Than You Can Shake A Stick At


We’re fans of all types of technology, as we’re sure many of you know, so when we saw this array of technology, we couldn’t help ourselves but write about it.  We have featured wearable technology on more than one occasion but it’s always good to check in with the latest crazy ideas companies come up with. vrAse is one of these crazy ideas and is a 3D experience on your head.  To find out more about vrAse and other wearables, read our blog:

Going Beyond 3D


Technology has come a long way in a short space of time and we can never be sure what lies around the corner. This last 12 months alone we have seen the rise of the 4K TV, the smart watch and a whole host of impressive smartphones and tablets.  Technology just never seizes to amaze us and new The Immersive Technology Alliance aim to do it again. To find out more about the ITA, read our blog.....

Apple Vs Google.....Again


Apple and Google are two giants in the technology world, and they’re at it again, only this time it is to be crowned king of cars.  Apple has unveiled plans to launch its rebranded in-car iOS functionality Apple CarPlay, an operating technology you can use in your car to rival the equivalent version from Google, the Android Projected Mode. Read our blog to find out more:

Did You 'Ear' Apple's Plans


First, Apple bought us the iPod, then the iPad, and more recently plans have been shared about the iWatch, but Apple have also outlined plans for an EarPod.  Just when you think you’ve seen or heard it all, the bigwigs at Apple dropped another technological bomb. The EarPod is a clever little fitness tracker system fitted inside a pair of sports earphones so you can track a number of statistics during a workout.   Head over to our blog to find out more...


What To Expect From MWC 2014


It’s that time of the year again (well, it will be come Monday) and the Mobile World Congress is back.  MWC 2014 kicks off on the 4th February in Barcelona and is hosted by none other than Mark Zuckerberg, where we get a chance to see what smartphones are coming in the year ahead.  For our predictions on what we might see have a look at our blog....

The Rise And Fall Of Flappy Bird


It’s simple, it’s frantically annoying to play and everyone has been talking about it; it’s Flappy Bird. The most successful game of 2014 so far came, it conquered and now it’s gone again, because its creator couldn’t handle the popularity.  Read more about the demise of Flappy Bird in our blog:

Facebook Turns 10


The social network super-giant turned ten years old on Tuesday and celebrated the occasion by celebrating its user members.  Facebook introduce the Look Back feature which allows users to share a video, with friends, of their life during their time on the social network. This video compiles about 15 of your most popular images through the years as well as the statuses that gathered the most likes and important life events, to create a montage from the date you joined. To read more about Look Back and also what Facebook has achieved over the last 10 years - head over to our blog:

Driving The Future of Technology


Driverless cars have been at the forefront of the media recently and could well be one of the top revolutionary technologies to be launched on the world in a very long time.  We love apps, gadgets and computers, but driverless cars is exciting stuff and something we should all be interested in.  They could be hitting our roads very soon and to find out more, read our blog:

30 Years of The Mac


This week we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the original Apple Macintosh - the piece of kit that kick-started the revolution of the PC.  January 24th 1984 is where it all began for the Mac with its 9-inch display, 128k of RAM and 8MHz 68k all-in-one processor. Who knew that this would open the floodgates of technology, three decades of them.
To read more about Apple's innovations over the last 30 years, head over to our blog....

Change In The Way We Pay


Loyalty cards, credit and debit cards, and good old cash in a wallet has been the same for the last 20 years or so, but that is all about to change.  Some big names in the tech world could be trying to convince us to ditch the metal and the plastic and to opt for new ways to pay.  Read our blog for more information....

'Watch' This Space


2013 bought a revolution to us in the smart watch, but 2014 could bring an even better mobile revolution.  During CES 2014, it looked like the smallest gadgets were going to steal the big show when huge focus was turned towards technology worn around the wrist.  Read our blog for more information about wearable technology.

What Will 2014 Bring To The Tech World


So, 2014 is finally here and we can reflect on a year that was full of gadgets that hit the tech world by storm. But, without reflecting too much on last year’s technology, can we begin to look forward to an even better year?
We will have a look at some of this year’s possibilities and pieces of tech that will light up the industry (literally). 
Technology never stops moving so have a read of our blog to see what we can expect in 2014:

Capture Those Christmas Memories


With Christmas day around the corner and Apple hoping to smash their previous record sales around this time, we have narrowed down some iPhone apps that can turn you into the family photographer this Christmas. 
For many people purchasing a smartphone, the camera is still one of the key features that help decide what model to opt for. The iPhone 5S now comes with an upgraded 8MP iSight camera which is its best yet but there are still some useful apps that can transform your images.  Read our blog to find out more.....

The Console Battle


A couple of weeks ago we wrote an article ‘What’s On Your Christmas Wish List?’ – If you haven’t read it, check it out.  If you have, you’d know that one of the desired presents was a PS4, even though it hadn’t quite been released yet.   Well, it is available now and has been for a week or so and has caused quite a stir.  But will it out-sell the Xbox One?  Read our blog to find out more....

Massive Move For Microsoft


Just weeks after the release of its Surface 2 tablet, Microsoft has announced another massive feat, the merge with Nokia.  Microsoft’s takeover of Nokia’s device and services came to the press this week and was met with two thumbs up by the US department of Justice and the European Union. For more information on the breaking news, head over to our blog.....

Build Your Own Computer From Scratch


If like us, you grew up building all sort of things from Lego through to den’s made of sheets, then you can probably appreciate what a company called Kano has created.  Kano, a Kickstarter team, is a computer kit designed to help people of any age to assemble their own computer from scratch, as well as helping them to learn basic coding skills too. The project was originally launched through Kickstarter with the intention of raising $100,000 in funding, but the project has already managed to destroy this target by securing more than $808,000.  Follow the link to our blog to find out more....

What's on Your Christmas Wish List?


As we near the end of November, everyone will start to think of ideas to put at the top of their wish list or what they are going to buy for their nearest and dearest.  But, what will it be?  Read our blog for some festive ideas....

Motorola Plays Catch Up


Motorola used to be at the forefront of mobile technology a few years ago, but recently it has found itself playing catch up.
With Motorola’s release of their new Moto G this week  Vice President of the company, Magnus Ahlqvist, has said that the company is looking to move in an ‘exciting new direction’. To find out more - read our blog:

Does the PC have a future?


It is common knowledge that tablets are on the rise and more and more technology giants are opting to produce more cutting edge products, but what does that mean to where it all started; the PC?  PC’s, less commonly known as personal computers, effectively began in 1977 with their clunky design and extremely slow functions.  They didn’t have such luxuries as the internet. Thirty-six years on and although PC’s have definitely improved, so has newer, more convenient technology like the tablet for example.  So where does this leave the PC?  Head over to our blog to read more.....

Apple Are Producing Air


No, we don’t mean those clever guys at Apple are actually producing oxygen, instead we are talking about their newly released tablet; the iPad Air.  The Apple Air is due to make an appearance on the shelves today in fact, and has been eagerly awaited by many lovers of all things techy. Apple introduced the iPad Air at a special event in San Francisco on October 22 and it is now available for you and me to buy, right now!  To find out more read our blog.....

The Fastest Growing App This Year


For every smart phone owner, apps have become a part of our everyday lives from an alarm clock waking us up before work through to an Angry Bird’s game that keeps us entertained on the train during the journey home. There are millions of Apps available in Apple’s App Store and this is always on the increase, but with so many apps available, which one has been the fastest growing in 2013 so far? Head over to our blog to find out....

What You Need To Watch


When it comes to technology, there have been a lot of new introductions already this year but there is one product that has been on everyone’s agenda, a smart watch.  Smart watches have been one of the hot topics of the last few months and with Samsung announcing their Galaxy Gear, more technology bigwigs are starting to give us something to think about. Head over to our blog to read more....

Are Apple's Paid Apps Dead?


If you buy paid apps, you will think ‘no’ and if you only purchase free apps, you will be thinking ‘yes’.  The truth is, paid apps have slowly declined since their first release when the App store was born but people do still pay money for their apps.
App producers are finding it more difficult to make money on their paid apps, but many are resorting to in-app purchases.  Although many people are questioning whether paid apps are dead or not, the revenues made through apps on both the Apple’s App Store and Google Play are on the rise and have been all year.  Read more in our blog.....

Microsoft Scratch The Surface, Again!


Yes, that’s right! Microsoft is looking to launch their next generation of tablets after unveiling them at a press conference in New York towards the latter part of last month.  Does this mean it is time for the Surface RT to move over? No, but the Surface Pro 2 and the Surface 2 are definitely looking to take the hot seat for a while. To find out more read our blog....

Amazon Look To Burn The Competition


With a lot of focus recently towards Apple and its new iPhone, we have decided to turn our attention to Amazon and what they have to offer – The new Kindle HDX.  We live in a very tablet-centric society at the moment and Amazon has upped their ante with regards to the Fire tablet we all know and love. Find out all about their new offering in our blog.....

How Much For That App


Whilst browsing through recent reviews about the new iPhone and the release of the iOS 7 software, we came across an interesting infographic about apps.

The average price of an iPhone app is around $0.19 (12 pence) so we were surprised to see some of the pricey apps available on the App Store and thought they were worth a mention. Head over to our blog to find out more about them and also how much they would cost you.

Apple's Double iPhone Day


Apple has announced not one, but two new additions to their already existing collection of technology. 

September 10th saw Apple shed some light on its latest releases, with the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C being the main focus. The delivery date for the new iPhone 5S is September 20th, so we don’t have to wait too long to see it first hand, but we will have to wait a little longer for the iPhone 5C.  Find out more about Apple's news in our blog...

A Flying Car We Can Buy


This is not something we normally talk about, but who are we to ignore an innovative piece of technology worth mentioning. In this case, it’s a flying car!

We’re not talking about a Harry Potter style vehicle or something out of the Jetsons, instead we are talking about the Terrafugia Vision.  Read more about this exciting piece of technology in our blog....

The Winners and Losers of Technology


We are often talking about new technology that is due to be released or a review of technology that has already hit the streets, but very rarely do we talk about what good or what bad has come from it.

So, that is exactly what we are going to do. We will mention some winning technology and some, well, losers. To see what is included in our halls of fame and shame - read our blog.

Samsung's Galaxy Gear


The great smartwatch battle continues to loom on the horizon and one company that are looking to get things moving is Samsung.  We recently mentioned that Samsung were looking to release their wrist-based wearable’s which will coincide with their smartphones, so we thought it was only fair we gave them a full feature. Head over to our blog to read more....

Another Apple iWatch Concept Is Released


Apple has released another concept of its wearable wrist watch that is also a computer, named the iWatch.  A few posts ago we wrote about having your smartphone on your wrist and Apple has every intention of making this happen. We have seen a few concepts around the web but this one looks the sleekest yet.  Read our blog to find out more.....

The New Windows 8.1 Launch Date Revealed


Microsoft has finally announced a date for their new 8.1 software to be launched…. in the US at least.

The United States can expect the new Windows 8.1 on October 17th of this year, which confirms a recent rumour that the release would be mid-month. For more information on this release read our blog...

How Apps Sparked A Mobile Revolution


Let’s play a little game. Without looking on your smartphone or tablet, how many apps do you think you have on your phone?  If you’re anything like us, you have probably lost count of how many you have downloaded, but our guess would be you quite a lot, especially if you count old ones you will have deleted as well as the current ones you have.  For more information on the development of the 'app marketplace' and predictions for the future, read more in our blog...

Android Tops The Tablet Table


Did you know that for every two tablets that are activated in the UK, one is an Android?
Well, it’s true. This statistic was revealed by Google, who also said that over the last year more than 85% of Android tablets have been activated. These activations were approaching a figure near 10 million towards the end of 2012, and as we begin August 2013 the statistic is nearer the 70 million mark. Head over to our blog to find out more....

Welcome to the Google show


Google has been dominating all the headlines over this past week and this time it’s for more than one reason.
The search engine super giant celebrated reaching 1 million apps within its Google play store, doubling last year’s tally, and in the same week has announced that they have sold out all of their initial orders of ‘Chromecast’ on the same store. Read more about Google's success in our blog....

Bend your Smartphone into a Smart Watch


Yes, you heard it right. Samsung have been reported to be working on a new display for their smartphones that is made from plastic, meaning it can bend.  With the continual improvement of our gadgets, there are always strange ideas circling around the market and you can decide whether this idea will join them. Picture it now – you have finished your last phone call and instead of the traditional, popping your smartphone into your pocket scenario, you bend your phone onto your watch fitting. Head over to our blog to find out more......

Apple's App Store Turns 5!


This week has commemorated the fifth year of Apple’s App Store since its launch in 2008. Apple have decided to reward its customers by giving away apps from some of the most popular and highest rated games.  Since the App Store’s launch in 2008, which happened the day before the release of the iPhone 3G, Apple have continued to grow their ground-breaking App Store with over 50 billion apps being downloaded throughout this five year stretch.  For more information regarding Appstore's birthday celebrations - check out our blog....

Instagram Introduces Video


Vine has already established itself as the top dog of video-sharing with friends, but with Instagram introducing video it seems Vine may have to rethink its strategy.

Instagram is hoping for a share of the spoils and has added a 15 second video share feature to its already impressive photography-sharing social network.  Compare this to Vine’s 6 second snippets, and Instagram might just be one step ahead.  Read our full blog on the subject to find out more.......

Android 5.0 - Key Lime Pie


Reading the title you may have thought you were going to read some type of recipe, unfortunately you’re not.  Instead, Key Lime Pie is a codename that actually refers to the new Android 5.0 software development which is underway right now.  Head over to our blog to find out more.

Find funding for Apps


There are a lot of people with brilliant ideas, but they just don’t have enough money to fund them. This is the same with creating apps.  Hours and hours can be put into the development and the promotion of the idea, or app in this instance, with virtually no return on investment. This is why finding funding can be a great way to reduce the risk of any loses of time and money.  Find out more on this week's blog....

Apple fight back with iOS7


With competition continually improving, Apple knew it was time for a big change and that is exactly what you get with the new iOS 7.  With the likes of Android 4.2 providing a number of new features and the Samsung Galaxy S4 recently hitting the shelves, it was time that Apple gave smartphone users something to get excited about.  So, we give you the iOS 7!  Head over to our blog to find out more.....

Wikipedia is now 'Nearby'


Wikipedia has often been ‘the go-to website’ when you want to find out some information about a certain place, a celebrity or maybe even a film, but now they have débuted a new feature.

This new feature is called ‘Nearby’ and its main function is to recommend articles dependant on the user’s location. ‘Nearby’s’ main intention is to educate its user’s about their current surroundings. Read more about this new feature in our blog:

Amazon expands Appstore to China


Amazon has become the first Western company to offer paid Android apps to consumers in the world’s largest smartphone market. Amazon has attempted to capitalise on the expanding mobile economy  in China by beating Google, who remains limited to only free Android apps, which now means Amazon’s Appstore for Android is now accessible to more than 200 international markets. Follow the link below to our blog to find out more...

The Samsung Galaxy S4 - What's New?


With so much technology available, it is only right that we get excited about a new product that is due to be released.  And that new piece of technology is in fact, the Samsung Galaxy S4. This device is one of the most anticipated smartphones to be released this year, follow the link below to our blog to find out more...

Apple's App Crackdown


Apple is on a mission to track down all of the apps that are posing as app stores. It has decided to take action against deceiving apps by searching through its App store and rejecting those apps that are fooling downloaders.

Read about it in our blog on -

What is Google Glass?


When you think of the internet, you think of Google and when you think of technology, you think of …. Glass?
So what actually is Google Glass?  Read our blog to find out more......

Windows Wants You!


With Apple and Android leading the way in terms of apps, it was only a matter of time before Microsoft did something about where they currently lay in the market share table. To find out about what they are doing to address the situation, read our blog....

The Birds Are In Full Song - Twitter #music


We’re not on about a real bird in this instance, we are on about social networking website, Twitter, who has launched its new music app. Read all about it on our blog:

The NHS now has an App Store


The NHS has recently released their own App store of apps that are safe and trusted which aim to help people with any problems they have.

Read about it on our blog at

The mobile phone is 40 years old!


Yes that's right, the mobile phone is now 40 years old! Take a look at our blog to read about the first mobile phone and just how much things have changed.

Spotify And Ford Join Forces


So what have Spotify and Ford got to do with Apps? How about if you could use your smartphone to have hands-free voice control whilst driving?

Read more on our blog at

Angry Birds For Free


One of the most profitable games in the world has become free for its users. Read about the App, it's history and some amazing stats on our blog at

Have we all become App addicts?


A recent survey carried out on mobile App behaviour of members of the public showed that 82% of App users could not go without their Apps for a day. So have we all become App addicts?

Read more on our blog at

How Apps can help with customer support


Are you interested to know how Apps can improve your customer support, not just from your customers perspective but also for your business? Then take a look at our new blog post below.

Using Apps To Market Your Business


There are many ways to market your business but have you ever thought of promoting it through an app? Take a look at our new blog post with some ideas of how and why this can work.

Is Blackberry BB10 a contender?


With Apple and Android storming ahead of any other mobile platforms, it was only a matter of time before Blackberry decided to pull their finger out.

Read what we think on our blog at

5 Top Tips for your App Website


A website for your App is pretty much essential these days so read our 5 top tips on how to make it work best for you and your App.

These are on our blog at

Apps as a Travel Companion


Going away this year? Then forget taking up half your luggage space with books, guides, and maps. Look to something you already have and will always be carrying with you, your smartphone!

What does "Second Screen" mean?


You may have heard the phrase "second screen" being banded about recently but wondered exactly what it meant. Well never fear, we've just written a short article on our blog about it.

Take a look here

The Shift From Paid Apps to Freemium


For the last year then there has been a big shift away from paid apps to Freemium Apps in the App Stores. What does Freemium mean and what are the advantages and disadvantages for both developers and consumers?

Take a look at our blog at

TV on the Go


It is now possible for us to watch TV on the go, whether we are waiting for a bus, on a lunch break at work or tucked up in bed. Read all about it on our blog at

Leave your wallet, just use your phone!


Not only can your phone be used for calling people, sending text messages, taking photo's, searching the web, and running all sorts of Apps; now you can even use it instead of your wallet. Read all about it on our blog at

Over 1.7 Billion Apps Downloaded Over Christmas


Christmas week was once again a record breaker this year with over 1.7 Billion Apps downloaded. Find out more about it on our blog at

The 12 Apps of Christmas


In the run up to Christmas we thought it would be good to countdown the Apps that we've found most useful in the Appware office over the last year. We'll be listing 3 a day on our blog at from today until Friday so please feel free to take a look and comment.

Merry Christmas!

iTunes 11: What’s New?


iTunes 11 arrived recently, but what makes it different from the previous iTunes? Find out on our blog at

How having an App can help your business


We’ve all heard the huge success stories of Apps like Angry Birds and used common Apps such as Ebay or Twitter but how can an App help your business, no matter what size it is? Read this article on our blog that tells you the three main ways to do so

Microsoft Surface – A Different Type of Tablet


Most of us have seen the trendy adverts on the TV. It shows people sat on a picnic bench with different colour ‘machines’ passing them from person to person, propping them up with the back case and sticking a keyboard on the front before holding them together to create a guy – This is the Microsoft Surface. But what is it and what makes it different to all the other tablets out there...

Is Your Company Mobile Friendly?


A recent survey showed that less than 1% of websites for small businesses work on mobile phones with small business owners just presuming they do and never checking to make sure they do. Find out why this should concern you and what you need to do about it on our new blog here.

iPad Mini - What Is So Cool About Small?


So today Apple released the iPad Mini. So what does this mean for the tablet market and what does it do? We've written a blog about it at

We've also got one in the office so if you'd like to have a play then get in touch!

The Rise Of The Smartphone App


A couple of years ago not many people had heard of smartphone Apps or knew what they did. We've just written a short article on our blog all about the rise of smartphone Apps and their future...

Please take a look at

BrushDJ App shortlisted for an award


The BrushDJ App we built for a client has been shortlisted for an award at the Appsters. The Appsters form part of the largest App show in the UK, Apps World which is held on 2nd October 2012.

Read more about it on our blog at

The new iPhone5 – what’s new?


The New iPhone is out, the iPhone5. You’ve seen it in the media, you’ve seen the waiting lists being offered in various mobile phone shops and you’ve heard the hype, but why should you upgrade to the iPhone5?

Read all about it on our blog at

iOS6 - What is it?


Most of us are waking up this morning and seeing that our iPhones, iPads or iPod Touches are offering the download of new software, which is iOS6, this is all well and good, but what is this new software and what extra things is it going to offer me?

Read all about it on our blog at

BrushDJ App featured on BBC News


We're really happy that an App we recently built for a client has just been featured on the BBC News site "BBC Click"! You can view the BBC feature of the App by clicking here

Brush DJ is a free toothbrush timer app that plays 2 minutes of music taken at random from the user's device to encourage brushing for an effective length of time. The app also allows users to set reminders to brush twice a day, floss, use a mouthtinse and when next to see their dentist or hygienist. Evidence-based age specific information is given as per the Department of Health's toolkit 'Delivering Better Oral Health'. The App is currently available on iPhone and Android platforms.

Here's a video about the App

Can you run a business using just a mobile phone?


Next week I'll be seeing how powerful the modern smartphone has become by trying to run my entire business purely from my iPhone.

With the huge leaps in technology and software over the last couple of years then modern smartphones have become so much more than just a mobile phone. Most people now use their smartphone as a camera, for checking their email, and internet browsing as a minimum.

I'm going to be doing absolutely everything to run my business from mine next week and my laptop will be banned from use! This means that as well as the usual things I use it for I'll also be using it for diary management, satellite navigation for the car, project management, running our development team, invoicing, editing/printing documents, taking photo's, recording a video diary, and of course blogging and Tweeting may way through the week.

Just to make things even more challenging for me I'll also be out of the office for the first half of the week. I'll be heading from Yorkshire to meetings in Wales, Devon, the South coast, Essex, and then back up North.

If you'd like to see how I get on then I'll regularly be using the Twitter hastag #MobileBiz from my @richardjeaton Twitter account and will be blogging from the Appware blog at

Wish me luck!


Appware Win Award From Theo Paphitis



On Sunday evenings Theo Paphitis of BBC’s Dragons Den runs a competition on Twitter called Small Business Sunday.  To enter, businesses have to send a tweet to @TheoPaphitis between 5:00 & 7:30 pm using the hashtag #SBS.  Theo reads all the entries and personally selects his 6 favourite to retweet to his massive list of followers that currently stands at over 220,000.

He says he started the competition in October 2010 because, “Sunday is the day that I do all my thinking”.  Last Sunday (5th February 2012) there were an amazing 1,576 tweets to @TheoPaphitis with the #SBS hashtag (Statistics courtesy of @virtualbuscent and winners badge @aquadesigngroup ).

Richard Eaton, who runs Wetherby based mobile App development company Appware, sent one of the 6 winning tweets chosen by Theo Paphitis. Richard said, “I’m over the moon to have won the #SBS Award.  It’s great that Theo is helping support UK businesses in this way and we’ve been inundated with enquiries since winning”
Theo's retweet was of Richard's winning entry, "Need an App for that? We can take your idea then develop & deliver it to the Appstore :)”.

Richard’s entry almost didn’t get sent that evening though, “I was busy with something else when I remembered about the competition. As I had already entered most weeks over the last few months and never won I nearly didn’t bother. Luckily I thought to myself that it would only take a minute to do so and I sent the tweet. I’m so glad I did now, it just goes to show that persistence in business really does pay off!”

 “The initial response has been overwhelming. My number of followers on Twitter has increased by a couple of hundred already, Appware’s website hits went up by over 400%, and we’ve been inundated with enquiries ever since. I’d strongly advise other businesses to give the competition a go too as the exposure for your business is truly amazing”

You can follow Richard on Twitter @richardjeaton or his company @appware


For more information please contact:
Name: Richard Eaton
Mobile: 07815 906364

Download a PDF version of this press release by clicking here.

New version of Apple iOS out already


The new version of Apple's iOS operating system for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad is out already just a couple of weeks after the previous version. The main driver for this will no doubt be the fixes for the battery life issue we previously mentioned but there are a few other things too.

One of the great things though is that this update no longer requires you to plug in your phone to your PC/Mac, fire up iTunes, and then do the update. It can all happen wirelessly so much less hassle, it even pops up on your phone to tell you it's ready to install :)

Improving iPhone battery life


If you've recently upgraded to iOS5 (we wrote a blog about this previously at ) then you've probably noticed that your battery life seems to have got worse. Apparently there may be a bug that causes the GPS location tracking for the automated time-zone function to run constantly. This unnecessary use of GPS may then drain the battery much quicker than expected.

So how to fix this...

1. Go to Settings
2. Then select "Location Services"
3. Scroll right to the bottom and select "System Services"
4. Then switch off "Setting Time Zone"

This has certainly seemed to fix the issue on my iPhone 3GS which started to suffer with poorer battery life shortly after I'd upgraded to iOS5.

Hope this helps :)

Should I upgrade to iOS 5?


As expected after the announcement of iOS 5 for Apple's iPhone (not forgetting the iPad and other iOS devices!) we've had lots of clients and contacts ask us if they should update to this latest operating system.

So we've written a quick Blog about it at

Hope this helps

We're at Techmesh EXPO2011


We're happy to say that we'll be at the Techmesh EXPO 2011 and have been invited to be part of the Techpanel where we'll be helping to advise companies on all things mobile.If you've got a specific question or are even just generally interested in this huge growth area then come along and have a chat.

EXPO 2011 is the region's principal exhibition and conferencing event for emerging technology on the 13th October 2011 at The Royal Armouries, Leeds.

  • 40+ exhibitors - showcasing the region's finest in IT & Telecoms
  • Topical seminar programme - what's in, what's not! Hear industry leaders provide an update on the future of technology and what it means for businesses today
  • Techpanel - a unique opportunity to quiz 7 industry leaders and debate the issues that matter to you!
  • Interactive Zone - watch, listen and play....bringing technology alive with the very latest in IT & Telecoms at your finger tips!
  • SME Surgery - one to one advice from experts in IT & Telecoms, professional services and business development
If you want to know more about how the IT & Telecoms sector can help you, or to know what the leaders of the world’s top IT & Telecoms companies are planning – EXPO 2011 is your must attend event of the year!
Join us for an action packed day and learn how the IT & Telecoms industry can help shape a brighter future for your company.

More info at

Actuaries for Lawyers Website Launch


We're pleased to announce that we've just launched a complete new website for Actuaries for Lawyers. The site includes news and events feeds as well as a member area for their customers to download seminar material quickly and easily.

So what do Actuaries for Lawyers do? In their own words...

"We are a specialist firm of actuaries working with the Legal Profession.

We have many years of experience in assisting both the Legal Profession and members of the public in areas relating to the pensions aspects of legal settlements, including splitting pensions on divorce, loss of pension rights due to personal injury or unfair dismissal, splitting trusts etc.

We are happy to act as a party expert or single joint expert for our clients.

Our goal is to provide the highest possible standards of service to our clients. We answer the questions you want to get answered, and we are happy to deal with any type of pension arrangement no matter how complex."

Or of course you could take a look at their new website at

Does social media really work?


As we're increasing asked about social media and how it can work for a business we've just published a new blog post titled "Does social media really work?"

You can view the Appware Blog at


SendASmile App Launched


The SendASmile iPhone App was devised by Megan Hatfield of Wetherby Orthodontics and allows users to take a photo of their teeth then send it in for professional orthodontic assessment. It’s free to download and has been developed to include a twitter feed, blog posts, links to Facebook and YouTube, directions to the practice and an information video.

You can download the App from the Apple App Store by clicking here

Proactis Spring Clean


We've been working with Proactis for a while now and having put together a full microsite for them previously (you can see this at they asked us to do a bit of a spruce up and spring clean on their main website. As well as lots of "look and feel" type work to make the site more graphically appealing it also involved alot of complex new functionality on the data management side and ease of use for customers. There was also alot of work to get the site fully functional for it's various international markets serving different content to different territories.

You can see the end result of all this work at

From Bricks to Angry Birds!


We've just published a new blog post titled "Smartphone Technology:From Bricks to Angry Birds!" which gives a bit of history about the whole mobile technology market. It then goes on to discuss current trends as well as what the future holds.

You can view the Appware Blog at


JLD Plumbing Website Launch


We have just launched a new website for JLD Plumbing which can be found at

I'm sure you can guess what they do from their name but to quote from their website.

"JLD Plumbing is able to offer a comprehensive range of plumbing solutions, including everything from leaking taps to full bathrooms. The products are appropriate for all levels of budgets and can be designed to suit the client's personal needs.

JLD Plumbing has a satisfied group of customers, situated in and around Leeds, and a growing number of private householder and commercial clients.

The company is managed by James who has been focusing on the providing plumbing solutions for many years. Many clients are repeat customers and are happy to recommend JLD plumbing. JLD Plumbing offers a professional service at a fair price.

We operate six days a week and offer an emergency service 24hrs. We offer an O.A.P discount and free quotes on any work. All our plumbers are fully insured, polite, courteous and professional. Our mission is to arrive within 1 hour of the call or at a pre arranged time at your convenience."

We worked with James to create a bespoke design, website content, search engine optimisation, and automatic feeds of new customer testimonials and reviews from his pages on

The Smart Dog Company Website launch


The Smart Dog Company websiteWe are pleased to announce the launch of The Smart Dog Company's new website at Along with the full site design we created the logo to complement the style.

We're demonstrating Apps at Techmesh


We're pleased to announce that we'll be demonstrating some of our Apps at the Techmesh event in Hull today. For full details of the event please see

We hope to see you there!

We need another Web & Mobile Developer


Web and Mobile Developer - Excellent career prospects!

Due to continued expansion we are recruiting for a Web and Mobile Developer with 2+ years experience who is looking to rapidly progress their career. Please download the job overview below for further details. To apply please email with a cover letter, current CV, salary expectations, and examples of your work.

PDF IconWeb and Mobile Developer Overview

Proactis Microsite


We recently completed the launch of a microsite for Proactis who wanted a seperate site for companies to assess their current spend control and eProcurement. This was done using their existing Umbraco content management system so their marketing can update content themselves and includes functionality for downloading a series of guides.

Appware Mobile Site


Appware mobile website We now have a mobile version of our website which is, yes, you guessed it, optimised for browsing on mobile phones. You can view the mobile site at but of course we've made it pretty smart. For example, if you use your iPhone to view then it automatically redirects to the mobile version. While this isn't anything new we've added more useable functionality. Sometimes these auto redirects are annoying if you actually want to view the full site so we've included a link back to the full site which forces the full site to stay that way even on a mobile. It also works properly on iPad's (i.e. the full site) which most mobile site redirects don't!

Coral Bathrooms Website Launch


Coral bathrooms websiteWe are pleased to announce the launch of Coral Bathrooms new website at As well as working with Coral on the site from the initial concept stage we also created the complete look for their brand including logo design, leaflets, and brand guidelines.

Updated Appware CMS


Updated appware content management systemWe're pleased to announce that the Appware CMS (Content Management System) has now been updated. As well as a new look and feel we've also updated the editor to make content editing even easier than before. It now supports all modern browsers including Chrome and Safari on both PC and Mac. You can even edit your site while on the move using an iPad or iPhone!

Waypoint Workplace Solutions


We recently launched a brochureware website for Waypoint Workplace Solutions. In their own words this is what they're all about.

"At Waypoint, we help logistics and retail companies to improve performance and increase profits by implementing our innovative web-based software solutions. Streamlining our clients’ processes and optimising their supply chains, we give them a sustainable competitive advantage that enables them to reduce costs and build long-lasting customer relationships.

Our unparalleled knowledge of logistics and retail operations makes us ideally placed to understand your particular needs, and we have decades of experience in helping our clients to make more effective use of their people and resources."

Please take a look at their full web site at

Kate Sellers Pilates Website


Kate Sellars Pilates websiteKate Sellars is a fully qualified and insured pilates teacher member of the Body Control Pilates Association. Kate came to us for a new website after seeing and liking our previous work. As well as the website we have worked on her branding and logo design.

You can view her new site at

Windows Phone 7 App


Windows Phone 7 Spiked AppWe have recently completed one of the first Windows Phone 7 applications which was included as a showcase application in the UK launch of this important new platform for Microsoft. We were working on this platform a few weeks before the launch with development devices (at one point we had 2 of less than 100 devices in the country!) which was an exciting project to be involved with.

We are now one of the few mobile development houses with real experience of WP7 so feel free to get in touch should you be thinking about creating an App using this fast growing (currently growing faster than iPhone and Android did at launch!) technology.

The App is called the Spiked Action Sports Locator and can be found in the WP7 Marketplace.

Augmented Reality App


We have been working on Augmented Reality (AR) for a few months now and this is the first iPhone App we've published using this fantastic new technology. For those that haven't heard of AR is basically uses your smartphone's camera to overlay digital information onto live video images of the real world. In this instance we've used it to show where all the important places at music festivals (so that will be bars, toilets, food, exits, and of course the stages!) by simply holding up your phone and looking around.

Take a look at for more information

Kingsley Website


Kingsley Commercial Components Ltd is a hydraulic repair and supply company founded more than 25 years ago. Starting out as a service center for hydraulic handling equipment, they now provide hydraulic component service and supply across a wide range of industries. They approached us when they decided to go online with an ecommerce enabled website which also includes automatic product inclusion and updates to the Google Shopping service.

You can view their new site at

4x4 Mobile App


The 4x4 App is an offroad inclinometer for smartphones designed to measure a vehicle's angles of pitch and roll while offroading to avoid potentially dangerous situations. This is an App we originally designed for the iPhone and then ported across to Android too.

Find out more and see a demo of the App at

Stamford Garden Studio Website


We have recently completed the website design and SEO work for Stamford Garden Studio. The studio is situated on the edge of the beautiful Georgian stone town of Stamford, close to the Rutland border and with easy access to the delights of the area. The accommodation has a modern art deco feel which is reflected in the design of the website. The owners also wanted to include an availability calendar within the site which they control themselves through an online system.

Wetherby Orthodontics Website


After seeing the great things we'd done for their sister company (Ashby Dental Practice) Wetherby Orthodontics commissioned us to create their brand new website. We also redesigned their blog to reflect the new look and feel as well as working with them on the SEO of the site.

You can see the new site at

Wetherby Charity Event


Appware are supporting a local charity event by handling all their website and e-marketing requirements. The website has now launched and can be found at

The event is billed as "A great girly charity event to be held at Wetherby Town Hall on 20th July 12 noon til 2pm. Pop down if you can for champagne and canapes and join us for a feast of treats that you just won’t be able to resist!"

We are also using the following social media sites to help promote the event so please help spread the word!

Twitter -
Facebook -
YouTube -


The Team at Appware

Linked2Success Website Launch


We have just launched the new website!

So what is Linked2Success all about?

"Linked2Success provide LinkedIn training and social media services. We set simple strategies that are right for you and your business – to build networks, strengthen client relationships, position your brand and increase sales. "

We helped them with branding, logo design, and of course put together the complete website which is all editable by Linked2Success themselves.

Ashby Dental Website


Ashby Dental Practice are a family dental practice based in Wetherby that aims to offer the best possible standard of private dentistry in modern, relaxed and pleasant surroundings. They came to us for a complete website redesign as well as SEO and online marketing advice. We also incorporated a live online chat system so their customers could ask questions or arrange appointments directly from the website.

Please take a look at for more information.

Dementia Life Launch


The website has been launched today.

Dementia Life Limited is a newly formed company that has been set up to distribute; under a strict exclusive licence agreement, LIM (Living in the Moment) and CIRCA (Computer Interactive & Reminiscence Conversation Aid) which is designed for Carers and visiting friends and family to help engage and communicate with older people who have Dementia.

Digital Dream Machine


We have just launched the new website for

The Digital Dream Machine provides a complete entertainment package for all public venues; Pubs, Clubs, Hotels, Holiday Parks, Play Groups and even Cruise Liners. The list is endless.It allows you to "Compare" entertainment events from your computer/laptop, transferred onto networks of TV screens for the audience to participate. Our system enables you to provide varied, exciting and fun entertainment on demand to a group or one to one.

As well as the website then we have provided a fully integrated software distribution package that allows end users to "stream" the software over the internet. The software can then be automatically updated as and when required or switched on or off by the providers as contracts start or end. The software has been made available using the SaaS (Software as a Service) model which means that users pay on a monthly subscription and are always kept up to date with the latest versions.

New Offices


We are pleased to announce that due to expansion we have just moved to new premises. Our new offices are in the centre of Wetherby, West Yorkshire which enjoys great access from the A1 and nearby Leeds and York city centres.

Feel free to give us a call to pop in and see us for a chat and a coffee.

Our office address is now:

Appware Ltd,
Ridgeland House,
5 The Shambles,
West Yorkshire,
LS22 6NG.

Lauras International Website Launch


Today we launched the new website for Lauras International at

Lauras International are global specialists in the delivery of rapid improvement solutions within medium to large manufacturing organisations. Each member of their team has real manufacturing experience and is skilled in coaching the application of our simplified, lean - based tools and methods.

iPhone Development


We are pleased to announce that we are now accredited with Apple as a developer of Applications for the iPhone App Store. We have an in house iPhone development environment, are members of the official iPhone Developer Program and are developing an exciting range of Apps so watch this space!

Contact us at if you want us to turn your killer app idea into reality.

We are recruiting!


Due to continued success and an programme of expansion in 2010 we are happy to announce that we are currently recruiting. We are looking for a Web Designer, Web Developer, and a freelance Flash Developer. Please see our careers page (by clicking here) for more details.

No recruitment agencies please.

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